Place all ingredients in the biggest dang pot that you can get your hands on and bring to a good boil for about 15 minutes. As all comes to a boil, put your face over the steam and take 10 deep breaths, as the boiling cayenne, garlic, and lemon mist is good for your soul - being careful to breathe only through you nose.

In the meantime, the crawfish should have been soaking in cold fresh water, with a couple of boxes of salt emptied into it as to allow the mudbugs to purge.

Put crawfish in boiling water. After water comes to boil again, add 10 ears freshly peeled corn on the cob (broken in half or thirds) and 20 small red potatoes (cut 'em in half if they're big). Allow 20-30 minutes cooking time. Allow the crawfish to soak in the pot for another 20 minutes after turning off the boiling water. Strain and serve the crawfish hot. Have plenty of butter for dipping, papertowels (mudbugs are MESSY critters...(you'll have to clean up after them), and lots of cold beer or wine on hand to help put out the fire in your mouth!!

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